fleet Repair services

free pick up and delivery on all repairs


No matter the size of the fleet company, our repair shop is not like most. We have a team of drivers ready to PICK UP & DELIVER your vehicles to and from your company location.

same day fleet auto repair


When it comes to fleet vehicles, Service Pros understands the importants of needing your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.  Our facility has over 14 service bays, as well as a large number of certifed technicians to ensure your vehicels are done the same day.

Roadside fleet repair


Service Pros can help with many small repairs that can be done on site to lower the amount of down time even more. From battery installs, to lockout service or simply just a quick jump start. This service can save your fleet on cost and down time.

4 year vehicle warranty on repairs


Service Pros offers the industries longest warranty. When your fleet is in constant need for repairs, a long warranty can be extremely helpful to save cost on repeated repairs.

mobile fleet wash


When your company is in need of having multiple vehicles cleaned, look no futher. Service Pros will keep your fleet looking its best.

 towing services


Service Pros offers our fleets 24/7 towing.

Service Pros is available day or night by simply just calling when in need.

Fleet Service & Repair

Fleet services & Repair in dfw

Preventive Maintenance Services

When your fleet is in need of a multiple vehicle service center, Service Pros can make it very convenient, by picking up multiple vehicles at once, having the PM services done then retuning all vehicles back to the desired fleet location. Fleet vehicles are also welcome to drive up to our facility and have all services done while the driver waits. 

Free tire rotations

Having your fleet vehicle tires rotated evey 5,000 miles, will help keep the lifespan of your tires. At Service Pros we offer all fleet vehicles a Free tire rotation with every pm service, to save our fleet companies cost on tire replacements.

Vehicle Diagnostics

We employ ASE certified technicians, that are able to preform advanced Diagnostics, and arm them with today’s latest automotive diagnostics technology. Our shop is equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on all sizes of fleet vehicles on the road today. ... We have state of the art diagnostic equipment to reset vehicle service reminders, battery and even computer reprogramming.

Free Brake Check

Service Pros offers our fleets a free brake checks every 5,000 miles during pm services. To give our fleet managers the confidence in knowing their vehicles brakes are safe and not wasting extra cost. Waiting to long to have your brakes checked can end up with higher replacment cost. 


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ALIGNMENT SERVICES , At Service Pros we offer wheel aligment services on a large number of different feet vehicle types.  Did you know that approximately 70-80% of fleet vehicles on the road today are driving on misaligned wheels? If your tread patterns are looking uneven, it may be time to schedule your visit

Front End Repairs

FLEET FRONT END SERVICES. For whatever else may pose a threat to your vehicle's road performance, our knowledgeable specialists provide a number of Front End repairs and because our work is guaranteed, you can rest assured that you're receiving the best workmanship possible.




Need your fleet logos repaired or installed, Service Pros can help. Service Pros can have numerous amount of vehicles lettered up and keeping your fleet looking its best.



Service Pros can install specialty equipment, such as computer stands, invertors  or electrical devices to help make sure your fleet vehicles are ready to go. 



Service Pros is able to enstall any electrical devises, such as becon lights, back up alrms, sires or light bars to add on to any fleet vehicle. 

Fleet Service

fleet repair

Same Day Repairs

We make it easy, fast and convenient to get your fleet of cars and other vehicles serviced and repaired.  Our ASE Certified Technicians can offer free pick up and delivery for all preventative maintenance Inspection (P.M.I.), and all the recommended and needed repairs at your convenience, PLUS we offer DISCOUNT pricing for fleets!

All repairs can be picked up and delivered the same day when you call us early the same day for services.


4 Year 48,000 Mile Warranty Nationwide

Service Pros Auto Center is one of the largest Automotive facility in Tarrrant County, with over 14 ASE technicians.  Service Pros is one of the fastest services for fleet repairs in the industry.

Service Pros is a leading provider for ARI, Donlen, EMKAY, Enterprise Lease plan and many more.  With no contracts and easy pay out plans, fleets find us the easiest company to work with.

Service Pros services all fleet companies with being a perferred vendor for ari , ge fleet, wex

Fleet Customer Discount

New Fleet Company Discount

$100 OFF labor only on any repair or service of $1,000 or more in labor costs. Please present coupon in advance. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/2019.